About SoulArc

What makes a SoulArc Board different?

The SoulArc board was created in 2008, while co-founder Mitch Mulder was a student at Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids, Michigan. 
We wanted to create a board that replicated the feeling of surfing or snowboarding, but on any surface. 

Soularc Sketch

A feeling like no other

After many iterations, we settled on using a curved composite spring, which is what makes it carve like no other, mimicking the fluid feel of carving on a surfboard or turning a snowboard in deep powder. We assemble all our boards in the USA at our facility in Hudsonville, Michigan.


“When we initially developed SoulArc in 2008, we spent a lot of time physically testing the product. The way the front flexes is different from the way the rear flexes. That took us nine months to perfect.”
Salvatore Vilardi, co-founder


SoulArc understands what drives boarders of all types to trade tales of that perfect ride. And it goes without saying, the story only gets better when you have the right board between you and the street. That’s why SoulArc is proud of its approach to making quality rides and creating a soulful experience for boarders. Ride more, work less.

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