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At SoulArc, we understand what drives boarders of all types to trade tales of that perfect ride. And it goes without saying, the story gets better when you have the right board between you and the street.

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The SoulArc Experience

At SoulArc, we are proud of our approach to making quality rides and creating a soulful experience for our boarders.

About Us
Soft & Smooth Carve

The spring creates a soft and smooth carve, deeper than you get with a traditional longboard. By far the best ride I’ve had on 4 wheels.

Chet - Performance Board Owner
Love The Feel

My boyfriend and I are both surfers and really love the feel of the boards. They are so much fun and everywhere we go we have people asking us where we got those “sick” boards. People who surf really can feel how they work.

Britt - Performance Board Owner
Feels like Surfing

In my 35 years of skateboarding I have never ridden a skateboard that mimics the feeling of surfing or snowboarding in deep powder as well as the SoulArc.

Jack - Performance Board Owner
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Ride More, Work Less

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